About BPC

Black People & Cryptocurrency (BPC) launched as a Facebook discussion group to teach and share media stories rooted in Bitcoin’s technology in September 2017. Quickly, the network became a support group and advocate for Black-led startup founders in the Bitcoin/crypto/blockchain sector by producing live streams and print news stories of the progress and plans of those ventures. Moreover, BPC began teaching the basics of decentralized technologies and how they interact with AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things), and centralized/quasi-centralized technology with college students and adult learners.

BPC Appearances

Black People & Cryptocurrency has produced and/or participated in external panel presentations. Some include the following:

More information can be found on the Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook Page.


In an effort to draw more HBCU students into the blockchain world, BPC serves as an Ambassador to Mousebelt University. Mousebelt is the first blockchain accelerator in the U.S. that also maintains online classes, mentorship, and other resources for university students through its university component.


In September 2019, Black People & Cryptocurrency released the BPC Black on the Blockchain List at the 2019 Black Blockchain Summit at Howard University in Washington, DC. The following month, the list was released to the public. The list contains more than 70 Black startup founders and a total of more than 200 Black people from all parts of the world involved in the sector. It is a dynamic Google document that is maintained by BPC admins. The goal is to allow people to find Black people leading and with experience in the crypto and blockchain space. It is an unvetted list based on what individuals have posted publically online.

Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook Group

Our most active area remains the Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook Group. We have more than 10k members there discussing all aspects of the industry. BPC was the first publically searchable Black-focused group focused on Bitcoin/crypto/blockchain on Facebook. We also have a Facebook page. Our focus is on education and media within the sector.

BPC News

You can find articles and video media we have produced on Black founders and professionals in the blockchain sector in various locations:


In 2021, BPC is working on more educational programs and media featuring and supporting Black startup founders in the decentralized/crypto/blockchain sector.